Frog Yard Games

Leaping the Competition

Frog Yard Games ™ is a family owned business building premium outdoor yard games to last a lifetime.  We use recycled plastic Resinwood and HDPE sheet to build our long lasting, eco-durable and maintenance-free games. That means less plastic ends up in the landfill. 

Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and durability set us apart in the industry. Our games can withstand harsh environments and are perfect for any bar or restaurant, beer garden, brewery, distillery, lake house, backyard or gaming area.  You’ll never have to paint, sand, seal or replace these games and all our products are UV stabilized to prevent against sun fading.

Nearly every game comes fully assembled and ready to enjoy. Leave out year-round and enjoy knowing you’re buying products made in the USA that are great for the environment.

Industry Leading Quality

Our state of the art manufacturing processes, careful attention to detail and unique engineering expertise are the reasons why there isn’t a better material in the world.

Always Free Shipping

Yard Game products ship quickly while our competition can take several weeks or months to ship your order. We turn your orders into fun for the whole family, FAST!

Exceptional Service

Frog Yard Games ™ provides world class customer service and sales support which means you’ll never have to worry about your purchase.

Green Initiative

Frog Yard Games’™ premium recycled plastic reduces landfill space and keep our planet looking beautiful.

Competitive Pricing

Let’s be honest. Frog Yard Games ™ are going to cost you a little more up front than the cheap, flimsy and breakable alternatives – but you’ll never have to maintain or replace your games again. You’ll save big money in the long run!

Made in the USA

Frog Yard Games™ are proudly made and shipped with care from our facility in Kansas. Our hard-working team pays careful attention to the details during fabrication to ensure your games last a lifetime.

Our Story

Frog Yard Games™ is powered by Jayhawk Plastics Inc. who has been pioneering recycled plastic since the 90’s and has been producing plastic and steel products since 1973. Based in Kansas, with a long and devoted history of investing in and protecting our environment, Frog Yard Games™ is passionate about creating long-lasting, premium products for our customers.  

Made from only the highest quality post-consumer HDPE recycled plastic, Frog Yard Games™ prides itself on minimizing its carbon footprint and reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills.  

Frog Yard Games™ is the result of the hard work and dedication by our manufacturing, production and assembly teams who embody the fun energy we believe is important in life. You have our commitment to manufacturing high quality, premium and eco-durable products that will last for years to come!

The Gift That Keeps Giving

“We bought the entire set of Frog Yard Games for our lake house, and we could not be happier! Through years of use by the kids and now grandkids, and through thunderstorms and 100 degree heat, the games are all in great condition. We love them, and are sure our great grandkids will too!”

— Gary and Michelle Hollier, Overland Park, KS

Why Recycled?

Environmentally Friendly

Frog Yard Games are good for the environment. Recycled plastic saves trees and reduces landfill usage. Many forms of post customer waste, such as plastic milk jugs, are the main ingredients in our eco-durable, long lasting Recycled Plastic Material. Our Frog symbolizes our efforts to reduce the destruction for our precious forests.


Frog’s Recycled Plastic Material does not need to be sealed, painted or stained and cannot rot. Our proprietary coloring process seals in color and is uniform throughout the material with the introduction of our unique UV Protection Phase. This ensures the beauty of the plastic well beyond that of wood or other cheap materials. Our Frog Yard Games are designed to be enjoyed and worry free.

The Future

With campaigns on the rise, to reduce single use plastics like straws, we want to do our part in removing usable plastics from landfills. Our boards are made from plastic milk jugs, bottled water containers and other recycled plastics that might otherwise end up in a landfill. 

Adding Frog Yard Games ™ to your home, park, business or project lets your community know you’re a part of the solution to protect earth’s resources.  We thank you for helping us in our quest to do better for our planet!

Our Team

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